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The purpose of this site is simple: 
For the benefit of all beings everywhere/everywhen, to offer Work tools that are complete within themselves, totally intuitive, and that require no previous knowledge of any system or methodology whatsoever in order to make use of them. Those who are already engaged in a Self-developmental discipline or methodology will find that the Yantras, visual meditation symbols, have multidimensional applications. These are the ONLY complete series of Enneagram yantras of their kind. 

The Series 1 MACRODIMENSIONAL ENNEAGRAM YANTRAS® consist of over 360 distinct enneagram images in a harmonically consistent color arrangement. Nothing of this magnitude has ever been available before in any form. It has taken over 50 years to manifest, and now it is finally accessible to anyone wishing to work with a coherent, rigorously logical instrument of conscious art. The Series 1 MACRODIMENSIONAL ENNEAGRAM YANTRAS® are available on CD for a nominal cost of $40.00 US. They are print-ready and published in cross-platform PDF and Adobe Illustrator 8.0® file formats. To order or to find out more about transformational art, the enneagram or the yantras, click on any of the buttons.

In addition, unique new data is presented about the inner geometrical and mathematical properties of the Enneagram. For those truly seeking a deeper understanding of this transcendent symbol, a visit to the various pages of this site will prove to be a rewarding experience. To view a variety of related new programs, click on the link below to go to the NADA-Zero-Infinity channel on www.justin.tv/etnada.

Thank you for your time and attention. Please enjoy the journey.


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